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Is it dandruff?

Scalp health is often over looked because we focus on the hair so often. 

So let's talk dandruff-
What do you do when you see the white flakes pop up on your scalp. 
First, know its so much more common, and not everyone talks about it!
Most common, run to CVS and pick up Head and Shoulders. ( this is the only drugstore hair product I recommend ) 
Maybe that works for you, boom! Fantastic! 
Maybe it doesn’t! If it doesn’t work, I  GOT YOU! If you're still experiencing an oily scalp or dry, itchy flakes, it could be caused by over washing (or not frequently enough) for your hair type.
What is often times are over looked, are dry scalps! 
So here’s my personal “hairscription
Step 1: Clarify - This removes any product buildup on your hair so that you can begin from a clear slate!
Step 2: Scalp Scrub! This may sound strange but this will remove any dead skin from your scalp while hydrating and also will increase the volume of your hair. 
While I do not sell these yet ( shhh it’s coming! )
Here’s a few recommendations in the mean time:


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